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We develop innovative products and transform good ideas to great ideas so they have more value on short and long term for you and your costumers.


As a bonus you get new knowledge about your costumers and new methods for effective execution of the coming innovation project. If you have an idea or a need for a special product we can optimize, product develop and market it so it 100% ready for market introduction.

We examine the elements that has influence on the product – identifies opportunities and risks and on that background create a solid business case.


We advise, develop, design, construct and complete projects on the above-mentioned foundation. We are prepared to develop your idea to the best product on the market, which is what you are going to live on tomorrow.


A good result is created through a solid basis for decision and we have the instruments and experience that gives insight in products, markets and target groups.


Your good idea could be what you live on tomorrow. We are a all-in-one innovationshouse that brings you through your innovation project.


We always think strategically so we are sure that everyone can keep up with the proces and that the project succeeds on time.

Artlinco Sprint

Nyt produkt på blot 4 uger

Artlinco Sprint sikrer, at I kommer i mål med en gennemarbejdet, valideret og testet løsning på blot 4 uger.

Artlinco - indsigt, innovation & implemention


User needs / User interviews / Business Case and Implementation / Emotional Mapping / Ergonomics / Eye-tracking / Pilot Project / Business Development / Heatmaps / Competitor analysis / Performance Specification / Target group mapping / Patent screening / Produkt strategy / Research / Risk Assessment /  Company Strategy / War-room / Segmentation / Design brief / Workshops / Survey


3D Print / User interfaces og UX / EEG / Mock-up / Ide generating/ Industrial Design / Innovation / Construction / Kostoptimering / Supplier Screening & Qualification / User design / Plastic design / Prototyping / Proces og Technology / Product design / Production basis / Service design / Outlining / Concept Development / Nudging


3D rendering / Augmented Reality / Branding / User manuals / Documentation / Packaging design / Graphic Design / Illustrations / IPR og Clearance /  Logo design / Marketing / Product launch / Storytelling / Validation / Virtual Reality / Visualisation / Web design / Construction / Calculation of strenght / BOM / Implementation of Business Case
Artlinco - indsigt, innovation & implemention

The results speak for themselves…

With more than 325 projects we don’t have time to tell you about alle of them, but here is an extract.

Branding & strategy, Industry & machines, Consumer & retail
Branding & strategy, Industry & machines