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Ambitions were high from the beginning at Black Iron Horse when they unveiled their plans about a reinterpretation of their first iconic real-wheel steered cargo bike. Artlinco became a partner in this project from the first ideas to development of the concept, analysis, design, supplier contact and construction.


In the visions from Black Iron Horse were the desire to create a new, modern cargo bike that could be produced in a more sustainable way. One that was easy to load, electric driven and had a high safety level. It also had to have a new frame and expression but still reflect Black Iron Horse’ first cargo bike.

The development of a new cargo bike took its starting point in requests from the users and Black Iron Horse also wanted the bike to appeal to both men and women. It had to be not only a sustainable way of transportation but also sustainable regarding choice of materials.


Technically the bike should have the best components and be able to contain a lot – but not take up to much space on the roads. Focus was on hiding technical components to make the expression clean.


Artlinco’s job has been to control all processes in the design as well as technical components, frame, integrationens, plastic and on-road qualities.

Black Iron Horse


Insight, Analysis, Concept development, Design, Construction



Black Iron Horse 3 color variations


The job was to make sure that design and functionality would go hand in hand. It was continuously important to Black Iron Horse that the bike was easy to steer, safe to drive, that quality was first class and sustainability incorporated in the design.


One task was to integrate and hide components to get a pure look and style. The frame should still be constructed in steel to ensure durability and driving dynamic.

One aspect of ensuring sustainable production was to continuously getting as many parts a possible produced in Denmark. Another important thing was to figure out how to use recycled plastic for the box and also working on how to minimise plastic leftovers during moulding.


During construction of the box it was necessary to figure out how it could contain up to 3 children and in the same time not take up too much space on roads.

A man riding Black Iron Horse


The plans from Black Iron Horse started with the costumers requests for optimisations of the first cargo bike. They took it to heart and on that background the development took its tentative beginnings.

The background and need for a new design of their cargo bike also arose because environment and sustainability became an even bigger focus at Black Iron Horse. They wanted costumers to be able to transport themselves around in a green way on a bike, that was optimised to make as small as possible carbon footprint.

Black Iron Horse storage

“In the cross field between design, safety and sustainability you will find VERTO. Our reinterpretation of the rear-wheel steered cargo bike.”  




The cargo bike named VERTO took the stage in the summer of 2019 with its clean lines, green apparel and visions. One of the things that has taken a lot of time during development is the box in recycled plast. Besides the material being more sustainable, the amount and way the plastic was used, was also innovative. In the moulding proces there would normally be a fair amount of plastic left, but this shouldn’t be case here. Therefore the seats were created from these leftovers and hereby the waste was minimised.


The logo has gotten a more prominent place and has also been moulded into the box. The bike is more modern and appeal to both men and women. It is possible to choose between different colours on both box and frame.

The steel frame is designed to go all the way around the box to give extra protection in case of collision. The box can contain up to 3 kids even though it is only 85 cm. broad. The rear-wheel steering and design of the frame makes sure that the more cargo the more stability.


With more hidden components VERTO has been able to show its great shapes and lines. The lights are integrated, the battery hidden and wires hidden in the frame.


The joy af driving is high and the carbon footprint is low with a VERTO cargo bike.

A woman riding black iron horse electrical bike with her children
Black Iron Horse all black color

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