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Founder & CEO


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Project Manager & Industrial Designer


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Didde Marie Dobel

Project Manager & Industrial Designer


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Kasper Ankjær Dinesen

Civil Engineer & Industrial Designer


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Sebastian Bendix Bie

Civil Engineer & Industrial Designer


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Rene Borup Jensen

Project Manager & Industrial Designer


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Jesper Sønderskov Sørensen

Civil Engineer & Industrial Designer


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Michael Qvortrup

Design Manager & Industrial Designer


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Kristian Vrist Hansen

Civil Engineer & Industrial Designer


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Civil Engineer & Industrial Designer


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Phillip Duelund

Development assistant, datamining


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We can lead you safely through the complicated development process.

Artlinco InnovationSystem

Completing innovation projects can be hard work. It takes experience and routine to produce results that reaches company goals, meet costumer’s expectations and are possible to produce.


Artlinco has developed an innovation system with background in our 430 completed project and best practise from abroad.


The system secures through the 3 phases that all aspects in a project gets the optimal attention. That secures that costumer needs are fulfilled, that solutions are based on facts and not guesswork or “good ideas”. That means that a basis for decision is created – and not just a drawing – but most important the system secures that focus is kept and the project succeeds.

Artlinco Insight Model

Artlinco Insight Model outlines your users through comprehensive research data and thoroughly tested neuro theory.


With this model we can identify the values and behaviour of your target group and in this way create a solid foundation for design, service, marketing that hits the nail on the head. The model is valid for most populations in the world and a strong instrument in most projects.


The model is created in collaboration with professor Christian Jantzen from Aalborg University. His areas of specialisation are psychology, culture, emotions and design. The model is based on research from surveys of circa 35.000 northern European persons.

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raaco tooltaco german design award 2014 and product design award 2012

raaco – ToolTaco

The modular raaco ToolTaco tool box for the professional workman, has been rewarded with an iF Design Award and a German Design Award.

Raaco Boxxser german design award nominee 2014 and product design award 2012

raaco – Boxxser

Boxxser is an intelligent box system for putting things in order. Boxxser was nominated for a German Design Award and received a iF Design Award.

Enomo product design award 2017

ENOMO – Baby carrier

ENOMO is a break with the traditional baby carrier. ENOMO is functional, safe and posh and received a iF Design Award.

Tripl electric scooter danish design award nominee 2016

Tripl – electric cargo scooter

Tripl electric cargo scooter combines future visions med an exiting and innovative design. Nominated for two Danish Design Awards.

Decoslide wardrobe with sliding doors - product design award 2014

Decoslide – Sliding doors

DecoSlide is a smart and flexible sliding door system that fits into the boot of the smallest car. The system received a iF Design Award.

raaco toolcase reddot product design award 2013

raaco – Toolcase

The servicecase has received big international recognition in the form af the prestigious iF product design award.

Neets award winner - best of ISE 2019

Neets – Control Uniform

New AV panel that makes use easy and intuitive – and saves you time. Received an award as ‘Best new Control System’ at ISE.

Black Iron Horse design award 2020 and gold winner grands prix du design 2021

Black Iron Horse – Electric Cargo Bike

Black Iron Horse is a sustainable, electrical cargo bike. The rear-wheel steered cargo bike has been awarded with the prestigious iF design award in the category of product design.


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