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Below you can read about what our clients think – about us, the process and the final product.

“Artlinco has been a valuable partner and inspirator. Their broad knowledge from other industries, technologies and expertise compared with out large knowledge of a trade has meant that we have lifted the product beyond what we could have done on our own. A win-win situation that we like.”

Carsten Poulsen

Director Feeding

“TRIPL is the best proof that innovative design and environmentally friendly energy go hand in hand. In this way TRIPL is a real gain for traffic within urban green zones.”

Knud Steen Larsen


“It has been a particular special proces to work with Artlinco. That someone from the outside come and look at our procedures gives us other approaches than we would otherwise not have encountered by looking at our own functions and our own ways of solving things, and I think that many of the things that they come up with now, are things that we can solve issues with rather quickly.”

Lise Elsberg

Charge nurse at the surgical ward

“To us Artlinco represents innovation and a high mode of expression within industrial design”

Peter-Thomas Damberg

Managing Director

“With the new line of communication we put people in front instead of making the product the hero/heroine. Furthermore we add seriousness by applying facts from an acknowledged market research institute about the problem areas we solve with our products”

Annette Møller

Global Sales & Marketing Manager

“We identified a “gap in the market” which Artlinco helped us realise. We have got a product which is unique for our line of business and that has given us a clear differentiation from competitors”

Henrik Gadgaard

Logistics- and Purchasing Manager

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“We had a good experience in collaborating with Artlinco. All the outlined goals were fully achieved.”

Søren Madsen

Managing Director

“Artlinco har accomplished to get under our skin of the company and products. They understand the meaning of our brand and the needs of our costumers, just a good as if the had been an in-house branch in the company.”

Carit Laursen

Senior Development Engineer

“It has been good working with Artlinco. It was very inspiring and innovative and it has in general made us think a little different in which signalling effect the cover can hold.”

Gert R. Andersen

Product & Development Manager

“In fact it can be said very simple: Artlinco came across as some of the most competent when we assessed the opportunities to find a collaborator for development and design”

Jonas Kærgaard

Director of Sales & Marketing

“I perioder med behov for at udvide kapaciteten i vores udviklingsafdeling har Artlinco udfyldt rollen perfekt og skabt den ønskede værdi.”

Finn Albrechtsen

Productions Manager

“Artlinco har et rigtigt godt designsprog, som vi hurtigt værdsatte. Oven i er kemien imellem os også i top.”

Tore Hermansen

Product Constructions Manager

“Mødet, hvor industriel designer Søren Frahm var opglægsholder, var en virkelig eye-opener, der gav væsentlige inputs.”

Palle Grankvist

Manager af Elektronik Afdelingen

“Our choice of Artlinco is first and foremost about that we have had a need to outline the tasks. Artlinco has in other words secured that the right things were done. And that the were done the right way. I can recommend others to get help we idea generation og project management from Artlinco.”

Niels Kirkegaard

Managing Director

“The collaboration with Artlinco has meant that we have had our eyes opened to the value of making a good logo, and that it is to a great extent about defining the content before plunging into the design itself. Artlinco has challenged our way of thinking profile, but in the same time been able to keep the company’s values and substance “

Carl Erik le Fevre


“Artlinco has made us think more strategic and visionary. In the same time the have helped us get faster from product idea to prototype, as well as they they have played an important role in identifying manufactures with a potential to become future business partners.”

Bo Melson

Adm. Direktør

“I like the valuable mix of marketing and technical insight that characterises Artlinco”

Nicolaj Dahl-Jensen

Sr. Int. Brand Manager

“Vi var meget opmærksomme på, at ved et samarbejde med Artlinco – i forhold til udviklingsprojekter, kom der nye og måske bedre idéer frem, end hvis vi selv skulle have stået for udviklingen. Og samarbejdet betyder, at Virklund Sport kommer til at se meget bedre ud i kundens øjne.”

Hans S. Urenholt


“The collaboration between Voicebird and Artlinco has meant that we were able to develop a product that provides more than the basic service – it provides value on several levels”

Flemming L. Christensen

Chairman & Partner

“To me it is important that Artlinco gets all the way around in their way of solving the task. Therefore, we are always secured a solution that considers both market, costumers, production, logistics and so on”

Lykke Hilfeld

Product & Marketing Coordinator

“Artlinco demonstrated yet again that they master the whole development process from strategy to launching. They put a critical fingerprint on the trend work, the development work and the strategy work and at the same time handled as different elements as production of prototypes  and development of sales material.”

Torben Østergaard


“As a small company without expertise on the design area, it was crucial to find a strategic partner for discussion med skills within both design and construction. We fully found that at Artlinco.”

Hans Erik Schmidt

Director of Research and Development

“We have had a really good collaboration with Artlinco – they were really good at acquainting themselves with our idea and develop further on that. At the same time they have given us an unique opportunity to test the concept via eye tracking, before the light projector was even in the production”

Søren Voigt

Managing Director

“Et af de afgørende punkter i vores valg af Artlinco som samarbejdspartner på udvikling har været deres indgående kendskab til emballager. Samtidigt har deres knowhow inden for selve udviklingsprocessen også betydet en del.”

Hans Lauridsen

Adm. Direktør

“Vi havde tidligere brugt Artlinco og været godt tilfredse. Derfor var valget nemt, da vi igen havde brug for hjælp på designfronten.”

Kirsten le Fevre


“It has taken a total of 9 months to develop the new grain exhauster SupraVac 2000. It is several months shorter than it would otherwise have taken, if we ourselves have had the responsibility for the development project.”

Jens Otto Hansen

Head of development

“Der er stor værdi for Skylight i at have en ekstern designpartner som Artlinco med som en integreret del af udviklingsarbejdet.”

Christian Frimann

Adm. Direktør

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