We create a solid foundation and turn projects into reality

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Insight in costumers, market and competitors

All innovation projects must be build on a solid foundation. Building future products on guessing and faith is too risky – it is after all about future earnings.

Pre-projects are basered on:

Internal analysis


Product strategy

Legal requirements an standards

Costumer and user studies

Competitor and market analysis

Project basis and business case

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Innovation, development and solutions

Innovation isn’t a game to us but is about changing the users’ pains and fears (from the insight phase) into concrete solutionen that meet the approved design brief.

We work innovatively with:

Product design

Service design

Communication design

Packaging development and design

Digital development

UX og UI-design

Cost optimization

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and realisation

The best idea is worth nothing if it isn’t turned into reality. That is why we have a big focus on the last phase of a project, before marketing – implementation.

Projects are made a reality via:




Tests and approvals

Technical documentation

Marketing plan

Graphic representations

Innovation, Development, Transformation, Business

We are your external development department

As a sounding board and external development department we will help you through the proces of developing new innovative products and services. We change your good ideas into great ideas to create value for you and your costumers/users.


We practise design thinking and function as a full-service external development department and as a supplier of sub-projects or single services. As an external partner one of the benefits are that we spot things that your development department doesn’t see, because we aren’t a part of the culture. We ask question that might have been forgotten in daily routines and habits, but will become the start of your development.

We advise, analyse, develop, design, construct and complete projects. We are prepared to develop your next product or service so it outperforms the competitors’ and become what you live on in the future. For 20 years we have been working with innovation and development and thus has specialized knowledge.


Everything looks a specific way for a specific reason. Development of new products, services and decisions around these shouldn’t be based on guess work or faith, but on facts and knowledge. It’s our trade, and even though there is a big difference between a toothpick and an electric cargo scooter, we base all our work on specialist knowledge, experience, analysis, structure and insight.

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We function as…

External development- and innovation department

External development- and innovation department

Special knowledge and know-how

We take care of all tasks and responsibilities connected to the development of a new product or service. All the way from brief, data, analysis, construction, market process and strategy.


Preproject: Costumers, users and market parameters are being analysed and on that basis project- and effect goals, business case, validated design brief, plan and budget are created.


Main project: is completed on basis of the design brief that secures that the project brief, budget and time schedule are being followed.


Ongoing development: where we assist with design, construction and graphic tasks, to make sure you succeed.



Experience from more that 430 projects

We function as sounding board for companies through a proces to secure results and internal learning. We consult on for example technical issues, structuring of innovation projects, market strategies and user knowledge.


Technique & development: consultancy on technical issues, choice of material, calculations, graphic design etc.


User & market: consultancy on gathering data and using it as foundation for the design, development and segmentation.


Proces & structure: Consultancy on structuring an innovation proces, possible pitfalls and measuring of results and effect.


Resultat & goal: Consultancy on securing flow, execution and measuring.



Seeing things in a new light means new opportunities

Through workshops, presentations and seminars we show how design thinking, innovation methodologies and application of digital layers on physical products create better bottom line and make companies competitive.


Presentations: on design thinking, innovation methodologies and future possibilities via new technologies.


Workshops: as beginning of innovation projects, e.g. to secure intern alignment


Workshops: for problem solving, identification of problems and for creating direction.


Customer journey workshop: Focus on costumer experiences through the costumer journey, identification of touch points and possible optimizations at touch points.



When time is crucial

Through a compressed course – a 4 week Sprint – we work towards your goals so you get a thorough, validated and testet solution.


Strategic objective & insight:  We determine the succes criteria for the Sprint, define the challenge, plan the proces and ensure that the right persons get involved. We expand the knowledge about the challenge and dive into knowledge about user, costumer, market and organisation.


Innovation and design: We develop an idea catalogue, that solve technical challenges and take market, user and buyer into account. We work closer towards the final concept, and the chosen directions are detailed and gathered. 3D-modelling or crude prototypes are started.


Validation: physical/digital prototypes are made ready for the user test on basis of the design brief.

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Systematic approach ensures completion of your project

We have developed Artlinco  Innovation System, that ensures that knowledge is applied, processed and execution happens within the agreed frames. The system ensures not only project execution but also a solid basis for decisions for the management. As a bonus you get new knowledge about your costumers and new methods for steering innovation projects. Knowledge that shouldn’t only be applied in product- and service development but is also valuable in sales, marketing and digital projects.


We work in a way that is structured, systematic, creative and innovative at the same time. Because we think that these are connected and don’t work without one another. Our focus is always that the work leads to a product or service being developed or optimized. The product or service will get the best odds when we combine innovation and evidens with our expertise.

We divide the work into three blocks: insight, innovation and implementation. In each block are a row of focus areas and tasks. Every task demands special competencies and the teams are put together to supplement each other’s skills.


We know what a project needs and makes sure that the correct steps are taken and we also have knowledge about possible pitfalls, so they can be taken into account. We develop on the basis of a design brief and a detailed project plan based on deadlines, subsidiary goals and a thorough work-breakdown.

Artlinco innovation system blueprint
Read on if you like to go into detail

More about our services…

Product- and service design

Design and development of a new product or service demands many different skills. Both when it comes to technical issues but also to be able to hit the nail on the head concerning emotional appeal, trustworthiness and recognisability.


We work to secure a place for your product in the market based on facts and insight that we translate in the design proces.

We help and advise on:

Idea generation and concept development

Nudging and psychological triggers

Product architecture

Aesthetic design

Industrial design and styling

Design for 3D-print

Models & prototypes

User tests

Inventory and prices

UX og UI


Marketing and the plans concerning this, can cause concerns for many. Where should the money and time be used to attract new costumers? Which materials, platform and content works best? We help you focus the marketing and pick the best approach on the basis of knowledge about your costumers. We make materials for both online and offline marketing that appears professional and modern.

We help and advise on:

Marketing plan

Graphic materials

Offline & online marketing

Exhibition stands

Marketing channels

Logo design





You can strengthen your product, knowledge and communication through visualization. It creates a stronger basis for decision, when supported by technical drawings, 3D-drawings or visualization of costumer behavior that makes patterns clear.


Likewise AR and VR creates endless possibilities in relation to presenting your product regardless of size and construction.

We help and advise on:

Drawings for internal purposes

Movement patterns in e.g. shops

Emotionel reaktion (eyetracking, EEG, GSR)

Process visualization

Photo realistic computer-generated product pictures

AR – Augmented Reality (digital layer on top of reality )

VR – Virtual Reality (a full digital reality presented through headset)

Ergonomic measuring and visualization of muscle-use

Technical strength and flow


If a product needs a place in the spotlight it takes great communication. The communication behind the produktet or servicen needs to appeal to the costumer in so many levels; emotional, cultural, with a clear message and a strong story. The costumers should be able to see the unique in your product.

We help and advise on:


Unique and emotional sales parameters

Brand development


Digital development

We have seen to a greater extent that function and business possibilities can be increased by adding a digital layer.


Via e.g. sensors the costumer will get new information about the quality, service, use and performance of the endproduct. This creates new possibilities because the sensors can collect data from hundreds of products in the cloud. Then compare this data with other data sources and autonomously, interlink it with other data sources and adjust the product to create intelligent functionality, better user experiences, lower energy consumption etc.

We help and advise on:

Digital possibilities and business scenarios

Sensors og IoT

Big Data


UX og UI

Internal analysis

Your narrative, communication, service and product are all connected. Low performance in one area can have enormous impact on other areas. Are your performance good in all areas and are you in doubt whether you can increase? Get an answer with an internal analysis that creates overview of strengths and weaknesses so you get concrete knowledge and tools to make changes.

We help and advise on:



Product performance



Costumer- and user satisfaction

Cost price


Visual appearance



To secure the best possible quality, user experience, flow through production and business, a thought out construction is crucial. That entails the correct choice of material, a construction that is based on drivers and desired cost price, adjusted machines and technology.


A construction that is fail safe, up to date and takes a minimum of investing in equipment and tools. A construction that is easy to mould or perhaps is develop for production on a 3D-printer, but live up to standards, requirements and environmental standards.

We help and advise on:

Technical concept

Choice of component-, material- and supplier

Notation & construction

Calculation of strength and flow

Risiko (FMEA)


Design for 3D-print

Test and approval

Supply chain

Packaging design

Packaging has the important role of visually appealing the costumer, but we know that many other factors are important. The wrong shape and size can cost you time and money during production, as well as becoming expensive to transport.


We help you design the optimal packaging that has both costumer, manufactor and supplier in focus.

We help and advise on:




Test and approvals

Optimisation of logistics

Costumer- and user studies

Without insight you are groping in the dark. Insight in costumer’s behavioral patterns, thoughts and habits are what will become your foundation for a great product or service. It is knowledge you can change into real value for the project, because it creates direction and choices can be made based on facts – not on gut feelings.

We help and advise on:

Observations (physical and electronic)

Behavior, movements and patterns

Habits, rituals and traditioners


Emotional response (EEG, GSR)


Demographic data

Personalities and definition

Order qualifiers, winners & loosers


Cost optimization

Do you get your money’s worth? Or do you have work procedures that cost too much time and money? We help you create an overview of you processes and break them into smaller parts. In that way you will find out where the “money is buried” in ineffective routines, processes, deliveries, production etc.

We help and advise on:

Cost breakdown

Materials and choice of proces

Mounting and wasted time

Supply chain management

Discovering and changing ineffective habits, rutines or culture

Manuals and technical documentation

Manuals and technical documentation are often a pain i many development departments. But the manual, assembly instruction or service instruction is the one that ensures that the product is treated correctly by the end user, is serviced correctly and fast by the service technicians. This will ensure fail safe services, less user errors and less user annoyances.


Manuals and documentations around the product are indispensable, and if used correctly it will give the buyer, user and service technicians extra enjoyment. This will enhance the chances of resale.

We help and advise on:

Documentation and assembly drafts

Assembly manuals

Service standards, manuals and internal checklists

User manuals – paper or app based

Online service concepts

Competitor- and market analysis

It isn’t only about knowing your own company’s strengths and weaknesses. Know your competitors and the market. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, shouldn’t be taken literally, but means that you should follow your competitors closely and know their moves on the market.


Get facts, data and surveys sorted out in relation to competitors, shadow competitors, legislation, market etc. Only with a thorough analysis, plan and in-dept knowledge you will avoid surprises, expensive loop, create product differentiation and get a solid business case.

We help and advise on:

Competitors and shadow competitors

Competitor parameters & selling points

Data and existing statistics

Price structure and business models

Market sizes

Differences in countries

Legislation, standards and ‘unwritten rules’

Trends and new technologies

What do we get out of using Artlinco’s services?

By using our services you increase the chances that your development project succeeds.


It might sound a little perky and we apologize for that. The typical development department normally develop one or two per year and spend the rest of the time on day-to-day operations.


At Artlinco we work innovation projects every day and typically 10-12 projects concurrently. Our team is in shape and keep ourselves fit.

The benefits are that we see other things than for example your development department, because we are not a part of your culture and daily routines. We ask questions that might have been forgotten in your daily routines, which can be the start of your development.


We help you keep or change focus because it is easier for us as external partners. We have specialized knowledge because it’s solely development and innovation we engage in and have done it for the last 20 years.

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