Optimization, design and cost reduction of more than 25%

GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup wanted to offer innovative solutions to their clients and of course be the best on the market. That is why the combination of GEA’s experiences and Artlincos insight was a great cocktail.

This collaboration created a foundation for an effective and succesful project. Beforehand we knew that farmes care about the visual expression – a long as it is not at the expense of quality and reliability.

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GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup (GEA) develop, produce and market products within farming mechanisation with focus on full-automatic feeding- and muck out systems.

GEA had a request to reduce the cost price of a feed-bunker for large-scale operations, combined with a functional and visual optimization and that is where Artlinco entered the picture.


To find the right focus areas for the project, we conducted a thorough analysis of functions and operations in the field as well as competing and existing products.

In the same time we made a performance specification so it was clear, where it was possible and necessary to put the efforts. All of this gave a solid foundation for further work and secured progress in the project.

“The close work between us and Artlinco through the construction phase has saved us many loops and we have gotten a better product off the ground a lot earlier than it was otherwise possible”

Carsten Poulsen, Director Feeding


Based on the analysis, a feeding-bunk was developed with an increased lifetime, higher quality and a design that appeals to the target group. The project resulted en a total cost reduction of more than 25% and in the same time the feeding-bunk had a facelift. The feeding-bunk has in the first month alone obtain more than 80% of the expected sale of the first year on the market.

Artlinco assisted GEA through all phases, from analysis and concept, over design and construction to visualisation and presentation. This has later on led to more projects within re-designing, optimization and construction.

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