Multifunctional, elegant hand control created on the basis of user insight

LINAK® and Artlinco worked closely together to make LINAK’s visions a reality about an elegant and innovative hand control for adjustable beds


First step was getting more insight into what the users actually desired and which pains they had concerning existing hand controls.

It was also essential with an elegant design, which meant that the users would want the hand control to be displayed in the bedroom, and to make it more than “just” a control unit for adjustable beds.


Focus in the development work became to create a visually beautiful hand control, that at the same time had different options for costumization that would meet the individual costumer’s needs.




Insight and Analysis, Concept development, Design, Construction

Linak HC40 Frame 1


The main task became to develop a hand control, that would meet the requirements of the end-users, on basis of gathered knowledge and data from users of adjustable beds. It was essential for LINAK® to develop a hand control that would fit in to a modern bedroom; functionally, aesthetically and in it’s whole expression.


The hand remote had to be multifunctional to meet the needs that the users expressed. Therefor we combined the functions from a traditional hand remote with new functions and a new design.

A comprehensive userstudy was made before the design- and development process started. Based on knowledge from the insight phase, focus became on the following aspects: user costumizability, ergonomics, functions and design.


One of the challenges was to solve the users’ pains, that wasn’t directly connected to owning an adjustable bed. Among others things was the problem around findings one’s bearings and see the clock in the middle of the night.


It was decided to develop HC40 FRAME™ in two variants, on the basis of insight about the user’s needs. The two variants would differ in price and functions.

In addition to creating a hand control that the users would be able to costumize, there was also a need for customization at the different companies that design and sell adjustable beds. The vision was to create a remote that would be able to costumize to a specific brand or line of beds.

Linak HC40 Frame 5

“It is Nordic Design at its best, using input from a comprehensive user survey”



On the basis of user insight, analysis and prototype-testing we developed HC40 FRAME™ in two variants: Advanced and Standard. Advanced holds more possibilities for user-costumization and more features, while Standard is created for the price-conscious consumer.


They differ from each other in the ways that Advanced has a screen with intelligent light, where short-cuts can be chosen and stored. It also has night torch light that makes it easy for the drowsy user to orient in the dark.

Advanced makes it possible for the user to use the remote as an alarm via bed massage as a gentle wakening. It can also be used to see the time and has a gentle night light.


Both Advanced and Standard are wireless and have the same great design with a black, matt surface and a metal frame.


Advanced can be costumised by companies with their logo and on both remotes the colour can be changed. This way it fits perfectly to a certain line or brand.

Linak HC40 Frame 4 colors: white, blue, gray, black

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