Improved airflow and user-friendliness lead to big cost reduction for the costumers of Minkpapir

When mink pelts are dried for the fashion industry it is definitely important how the air is distributed and how long the drying proces lasts.

Therefore the focus was on optimizing the drying proces in the collaboration between Minkpapir and Artlinco – and the result was ground-breaking.

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Design, production optimization, cost optimization, airflow design, supplier dialog

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Minkpapir contacted Artlinco with a request to have their drying station redesigned and to get assistance and another perspective on the job.

The challenge was to change the airflow in the drying station and achieve a more even drying of the mink pelt.

That would solve the problem with the pelts furthest away from the air supply were drying a lot slower than the pelts closest to the air supply.

Therefore a new product had to be developed to secure an increased air flow which in the same time was easier to handle for the user.


A flow was analysis completed to get a full insight into how the mink pelts dry, which made the improvements visible in the new drying station.

Artlincos experiences with plastics also resulted in a research about how plastic could be a better alternative to some of the metal parts on the drying station, which was incorporated in the solution.

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By optimizing the construction a 33% reduction was made in drying time and a more even airflow gave better pelt quality and thus better earnings for the mink breeder.
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The collaboration resulted i Minkpapir’s new drying station with the build-in fans for optimal airflow through the entire system and out to every single mink pelt. That means an effective drying proces that reduces 50% of the time compared to the former solution.

In addition the station is modular which means that it fits the needs of every single costumer and makes room for future upgrading and expansion.

In the design proces we also thought of that the drying station could be placed in different positions and thereby mounted and fitted different drying rooms as well as configured to different air flows.

We are also proud of the result of the entrance door at the end of the drying station. It can easily be dismounted by a magnetic solution. With these changes, a lower noise level and a completely new expression the drying station is the modern solution for drying mink pelts.

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