Neets’ new AV-panel makes use intuitive and flexible for the user

Neets contacted Artlinco with a request to have a new AV-panel designed. They wanted to move from analog display to a digital, intuitive display and panel.


The display had to hold the possibility of configuration so the icons could be changed and fitted for every need. Artlinco was in charge of designing panel, screen and icons and getting it integrated as well as creating a light and elegant design.

The intuitive and logical had first priority in the design process, so that the panel was easy  to use.


Therefore the focus was on making the design support the way the user interact with the panel and making it easy to read how and where to press for the wanted functions.




Insight and Analysis, Concept Development, Construction


Meeting rooms today require many different AV-units that preferably needs to be controlled from one spot, so time can be spend effectively. Neets wanted to make the new panel even more user-friendly by going from analog label to an E-ink screen.


The E-ink screen needed integration in the panel and the job was to design the panel and screen, so it was suitable for the modern meeting room and was intuitive to use.

3D-printing was a big part of the development process where several prototypes of the panel were printet. It made it possible visually and tactile to see and experience how size, buttons and panel functioned together.


The design reflects Danish finesse and style.

Neets AV-Panel installed on the wall


Based on insight on user behaviour with AV-panels, the job was to make it clear to the user, that it wasn’t the E-ink display that should be used for controlling, but the buttons integrated in the panel. Most people are used to touchscreens and this knowledge had to be incorporated in the design of the panel.

The technical challenges also had to be taken into account, because design in this size influenced every millimeter of the panel.

“Launching-wise it has worked really well for us to be able to show a stylish and visual product – both internally and externally.” 

Aske Korsgaard Hejlesen, CXO, Neets


Neets’ Control Uniform AV-panel was created on the basis of tests and assessment of the prototypes, 3D-design and technical specifications


The buttons in the panel are slanting lightly towards the icons to make the connection clear between button and icon. The narrow light-indicator also removes doubt about where the user should push.

A mini USB-port in the bottom of the panel makes it possible to change the icons and make your own configuration. That creates big flexibility according to the equipment that are connected to the control unit.


The Uniform panel is easy to mount on the wall and it is possible to connect and control light, screens, sound and projector etc. Light in its expression – easy to use.


Uniform took the price as ‘Best New Control System 2019’ at ISE 2019 by rAVe [Publications].

Neets Control UniForm

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