Let the product tell the story

A good product doesn’t only have to work – it needs to communicate. That is one of the main messages in the mindset of Artlinco’s approach to product development and design. An example is a line of tool boxes from the Danish manufactor, raaco International A/S, which Artlinco has developed in close collaboration with managing director Peter Thomas Damberg and raaco’s developing team.

The new system that were named raaco ToolTaco is so far launched in 40 shops i Denmark and 40 shops in Sweden. On top of that you can find raaco ToolTaco on the shelves of retailers in many West European countries.



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raaco tooltaco german design award and product design award 2012


Artlinco was going to develop a tool box that would fulfil the needs of the professional workman, when he moves tools and equipment from the car to the workplace, in a smart and handy way. In the same time we focused on developing a product that reflected and communicated the values of raaco, clear and distinctly. And of course it had to appeal directly to the target group.

Another part of the project was to establish an optimal design-, production-, and logistic setup. It was therefore obvious to place the production in China.


An important part of the project was to acquaint ourselves with the situation and needs of the users, not only regarding the functional. Workmen today are much more conscious of trends, design and quality, compared to a few years back.

That is why it from the start was important to create a design that would support central values such as mental energy, confidence and raw power.

“Artlinco has a really good design understanding, and we appreciated it immediately. On top of that the  chemistry between us was also great !”

Tore Hermansen, Product Constructions Manager, raaco


Some of the keywords i developing raaco Tool Taco were flexibilty, ergonomics and focus on the details. Focus on the detail is visible in the bottom of the tool box, which has been designed with a mirror image logo. That way you will leave a nice raaco-imprint, when the workman puts it down in sand, snow or others soft bases.

The name is also a great example – just like the Mexican taco shells, it is up to you what and how much you put in i. So far the raaco ToolTaco comes in 22″ and 24″ version with different add-ons. Amongst others open and closed pockets, a saw rack and a universal rack for a level, crowbar and other things.

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