How did we make the best better?

Boxxser is an integrated box system that fulfils the demands of the most picky person – for order, overview, individuality and efficiency. Boxxser is produced from impact-proof, break-proof polycarbonate which is the strongest plastic material on the market.

Through the entire proces the weight has been put on a holistic design, where the professional back-and-forth har been essential.



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raaco boxxser


The job from raaco was to make the best better. For years they produced another series of storage solutions which has now been improved. It has made it easier for professional users to systematize tools and materials.

Boxxser meet the expectations of professional workers in the industrial trade, that require storage and a system that makes it easy to find small subjects in an effective way.


An important part of the project was to acquaint ourselves with the situation and needs of the users. Workmen and the industry in general has become far more conscious about quality as well as functionality and order.

Much emphasis was put on creating a design that would support core values a ‘zero errors’, overview and systematic order.

” With the investment in the raaco Boxxser series we have experienced such a big interest that our investment has already made its money back 2,5 time. It is so far the product investment that we have had the fastest repayment on.”

Peter-Thomas Damborg, CEO, raaco


LEAN in Boxxser-format. The solution was a complete order system for handling small parts, with a self-locking and patented handle that secures that the boxes cannot be lifted without the lid shutting.

The order system is made with a raster cross in the bottom, that together with the O-profiles in the lid, secures the boxes one by one and keeps the content in place – regardless of where it is taken.

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