Voicebird – a professional tool for documenting conversations

Overall Voicebird consist of three parts: the two physical Voicebird units – Voicebird and Voicebird Mini – as well as an online portal for uploads, handling and sharing conversations.

The collaboration around Voicebird originally started with a request for a great design of the unit. But the collaboration between voicebird and Artlinco developed over time and turned in to a turn-key contract where all sub-projects were handled by Artlinco.



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voicebird bluetooth recorder


The starting point for the Voicebird unit and the experience surrounding the product was simple and minimalistic – and in the same time the product had to be user-friendly. In the preparation of identity and logo emphasise was put on simplicity, recognisability and credibility with a common thread through the Voicebird-universe.

Regardless of function or application the user-experience had to be an essential element on the road to succes. If the end-user is forgotten the product is far away from goal.

“The collaboration between Voicebird and Artlinco meant that we were able to develop a product that delivers more than the basic service. It delivers value at serveral levels. We believe that we have got a stronger product out of the collaboration”

Flemming L. Christensen, Voicebird


Voicebird makes it possible to record, hide and share mobile conversations. In the same time it has a simple and user-friendly design. The concept consists of a bluetooth recorder, a wired unit and a online platform where the user can administrate the loaded conversations. As a special feature the conversation can be transcribed.

Besides a written user manual we developed a line of short video sequences that clarifies selected areas of use, to once again focus on user-friendliness. All details in the Voicebird universe has been thoroughly thought over and a common thread has been created from product, packaging, unpacking experience to manual and online platform.

Voice bird website "voice archive"
Voice Bird logo
Voice Bird logo 2
Voice Bird product bluetooth recorder

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