Unpacking-experience helps the user getting a great start with the product

We all know the feeling; you get a new electronic product, open the box and immediately start using the product – or at least you try. We know that the manual is the last thing one resorts to, which is we chose to place the quick start guide on the outside of the packaging. That way you were almost ‘forced’ to read it before putting the unit in your hand…

The packaging had an exquisite soft touch laminating and mark that creates a surprising effect. It enhances the user’s good experience with the product. The manual is easily read and looks as exquisite as the packaging and invites you to read it.



Branding, Manual, Communication, Packaging



Voice Bird emballage 3
By placing a manageable quick start guide on the packaging just above the product, we enabled the user to make use of the Voicebird without reading the manual. Men especially like that!
Voice Bird emballage 2
Voice Bird emballage 1
quick start guide Voicebird emballage
Voice Bird User guide

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