Insight and focus helps Unibaler setting new standards

When Artlinco was contacted, Unibaler had no physical products, but had a clear goal to develop baling machines that would safely compress different items as carboard, plastic and other kinds of waste.

The collaboration went all the way from generating ideas to design, production and branding of the baling machines and company.

Client Unibaler A/S


Insight and Analysis, Design and Construction, Branding, Communication

Balepresser - unibaler different models: UX30, UX20, UX10, UX5, UX4, UX3

Insight og analysis

In the beginning of the project an analysis was made of the market, user pains and the parameters where Unibaler’s baling machines would separate themselves from the existing on the market.


This insight and analysis gave a clear picture of the areas that would be most beneficial to focus on.

Because the company had big ambitions, it was chosen that the baling machines should be leading on price, safety, ligation, logistics and controlling.


This was also the start of the patented system for tying the bale to make the handling even easier, faster and safer.

Unibaler logo

Design and construction

The balers are constructed and designed for optimal transportation so they can easily be moved around with help from a pallet truck. The design made it easy to control the baler.

A part of the users had fears of getting injured or doing something wrong with such a big and powerful machine. These concerns were incorporated in the design by making the controlling simple and the user situation as intuitive as possible.

The users concerns and challenges regarding safety, intuitive use, transportation, controlling and relocation were solved through the design and construction of the powerful balers.

Branding and communication

The branding for Unibaler A/S was focused on the baler itself as well as the material around. The choice of colors underlined strength and durability and separated Unibaler from other balers on the market.

A design manual was made for web, printed materials and user manuals. The new logo and the powerful yellow colour were consistent and created recognizability.

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