Unique wardrobe system that creates new opportunities

Decoslide is a flexible sliding door system developed in collaboration with Artlinco. The system is one of a kind.

The system is based on the principle of everyone being able to create individuel sliding doors and wardrobes, within a reasonable price range.



User needs, Insight and Analysis, Product design, Documentation and Manual



Decoslide product design award 2014

Flexible sliding door system

The product has been developed in separat parts that can easily slide past each other. This unique solution means that the doors can easily be adjusted in height and in the same time be packed in small compact boxes to minimize the transportation costs. Furthermore this minimizes the risk of transportation damages significantly as well as being able to eliminate the risk of doors that doesn’t fit.

“We have broken with the many challenges that are connected to buying sliding doors. The doors are packed so they fit in to a regular-sized car. There are only one size of screws and a special measuring system which means that the costumer only has to measure ceiling height and not take tracks, wheels etc. into account, when the doors are mounted.” says managing director of DecoSlide, Ander Hornebo.

Need for flexibility

“The need for an economical and flexible solution was big. Flexible sliding doors were very expensive and the cheaper standard sliding doors were incredible inflexible. In the same time there was a huge gap in price from standard solutions to sliding doors produced by special measurements. That is why many families didn’t have the opportunity to make use of individual solutions” explains project manager at Artlinco, Martin Bondesen

This meant that many families had to compromise on design and interior unless they wanted to spend a lot of money compared to standard solutions.

DecoSlide saw a market for designing and producing sliding doors solutions by the same principles of flat-pack furniture which was the reason they contacted Artlinco. DecoSlide got a full solution where Artlinco handled concept development, design proces, conceptualisation, construction, technique development as well as a thorough assembly instruction developed for DecoSlide.

“We have been better received than we had dared to dream about. I think that it has do with the unique product that no one have seen before. It is innovative and interesting and it gives us possibilities to grow.”

Anders Hornebo, Managing direktør, Decoslide


The final product makes it possible to choose between 3 different design and as much as 5 colours and laminats. Furthermore Descoslide has been fit to all ceiling heights just like the costumers get the opportunity to vary the width of the closet from 2 to 10 meters.

That gives the costumers new opportunities to create an individual arrangement without it necessarily having big economic consequences – a total new way of thinking sliding doors solutions. DecoSlide has been really pleased with the final product which has already been included in the product range in Bauhaus.

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