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Exsos is a well-established company along in years. But even the established and experienced companies may have a need to innovate and think differently. After many years of developing, building and financing the future nursing sector in EU, Exsos needed streamlining and relaunching of the company’s vision.

Exsos continuingly needed to follow the still growing elderly segment in EU. They got that through the collaboration with Artlinco.



Insight and analysis, Businessplan, Branding, Communication




Exsos needed innovation on everything from visual identity to communication strategy to a new business plan. They went determined for an expression with a common thread in all their material.

In that way we found a new identity that fit both the needs of the target group as well as Exsos’ values and goals.


Based on Artlincos own model of method, AIM, the project was started with a thorough analysis of Exsos’ different stakeholders. Through surveys and research we had the different target groups mapped.

We found a new identity that fitted both the needs of the target group as well as Exsos’ values and goals.

27 years after the foundation of Exsos Aps, the company came to Artlinco with a desire to change their position on the market, through innovation of their visual identity, communication strategy and business plan.


The projected ended up with a total makeover of Exsos’ identity which now reflect their own values as well as their target group’s. Through the entire project focus was kept on creating a credible and reliable identity through a simple design. Exsos got a new logo, letter design, brochure and a new web page where the visual and communicative identity comes together.

Concurrently Exsos had their business plan adjusted and two other companies – now Exsos Residential and Exsos Verwaltung – were put under the Exsos-umbrella with an appertaining new identity. The result of the project is a proof that even well established companies can benefit from innovative thinking.

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