From problem to product in 3 weeks

3D-printing has given countless new opportunities within production, testing and product maturing. Micro Matic made use of this in collaboration with Artlinco, as they wanted to develop a lock for their draught beer system.

The collaboration between Micro Matic and Artlinco lead to a finished product in just 3 weeks from the meeting. 3D-printing of the prototype and matured lock mechanism made the proces fast and low in cost.

Micro Matic


Design, Koncept development, 3D-printing, Form

micro matic product 1


With a lock system that were going to be produced in a limited number, the challenge was to keep costs low and quality high. But also to produce and test a prototype within a short periode of time.

The 3D printing technology became a basis for a quick and economical solution, so Micro Matic could offer the customer an efficient, cheap and quick solution to the problem.

Micro Matic product 2

3D-print challenges the old industry and development because it creates new conditions for design, time, testing and production.


The callaboration resulted in low-cost 3D printed locks for their draught beer system, ready for Micro Matic’s costumers 3 weeks from the first meeting.

The proces was quick and effective because it didn’t require the same considerations as with traditional production, where more expensive tools and manufacturing methods are included.

This short development project became a picture of how far the 3D print technology has come and how good the quality has become. Direct application is now possible which makes the development proces a lot faster.

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