Reinterpretation of the Danish pram

One of the biggest challenges for families with young children is transportation and that’s why there was a need in market for a compact and modern pram, that didn’t compromise with quality and safety.

Ønskebørn and Artlinco entered into a collaboration a developed a reinterpretation of the Danish pram that set new standards for development and innovation.



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Ønskebørn wanted to challenge a market that were marked by a few big brands and needed a really ambitious plan to reinterpret the pram.

The job was to develop a pram that could compete with the popular and established brands, secure high quality and meet the needs of families with young children.


Before the development of the pram started, an extensive research was carried out. Data from 1932 respondents were collected and 50 individuel user interviews took place and data was processed.

A solid foundation was formed for the design that the pram was the developed unpon, on the basis of the collected data. We then knew what the users precisely needed, and of course it became easier to give them exactly that.

Artlinco’s role can be described shortly. We made everything – from strategy to marketing. We even named the apple of our eye…


The result was STORK. A pram with a total of 7 patents that sets new standards for design, functionality, comfort and size. For example it has the biggest mattress dimension and the most compact frame when folded.

Stork fits in the boot of even the smallest cars. Artlinco was in all the way from strategy to marketing and the pram achieved a market share of 19% in the first 6 months.

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