How do you design an electric cargo scooter with 750 liter boot capacity?

In Denmark, as well as internationally, new initiatives are emerging focusing on doing the environment a favour. One initiative is environmental zones in the cities that limit the use of motorised vehicles.

If you, like EWII, strive for innovative thinking, development, production of environmentally friendly products and services, it is a clear-cut opportunity to begin with the transportation sector.




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a man driving Tripl Electric cargo scooter


EWII contacted Artlinco with an idea for developing a gamechanger within green cargo transportation, by combining future visions for electric vehicles with an exciting and innovative design.

The aim was an electric driven vehicle for cargo transportation in the urban areas, where the design could be varied and adjusted for different markets.


Artlinco always work from a fact-based perspective. The scooter therefore is developed in a tension field between technical opportunities, legal requirements and user’s needs and desires. Amongst others it was obvious to study ergonomic conditions to give the scooter-driver a healthy and comfortable work day.

Hence we decided to locate the batteries low on the scooter and change the position of the feet, to get the optimal payload space and a comfortable seating position for the driver.

“TRIPL is the best proof that innovative design and environmentally friendly energy goes hand in hand. In this way TRIPL is a real gain for traffic within urban green zones”

Knud Steen Larsen, CEO, EWII


With a high degree of innovation within user application, design and flexibility the result emerged after 3 years of development work, shaped as the three-wheeled scooter, TRIPL. The first electric cargo scooter of its kind, which in addition to a unique design is a great benefit for the environment.

Artlinco has been in the process all the way from analysis, strategy, clarification and preparation of business case, concept, innovation, design, prototype construction, testing as well as screening of supplier – and negotiation. A crucial role has been project coordination, which has tying together type approval, technic, design, user needs, cost prices and business together.

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